A Daughter’s Travels to France

We wanted to share the following message sent to us by a mother in Ohio whose daughter traveled with her teacher and VIE this past summer.

I was a bit apprehensive to have my daughter travel to France. First of all I hate to fly and the thought of her flying over the ocean freaked me out. And secondly, with the crazy stuff going on in the world, I was concerned and had second and even third thoughts about if she should really go. I cannot believe how many people were less than positive about her traveling to France.

Nevertheless, she went. I only got the brief highlights at first but I understood right away that this was a first-rate tour. The transportation was very nice, the hotels were nice, the tours were very good. The number of places the kids got to visit in France was incredible.
We were nervous for her stay with a French family and our daughter was concerned about speaking French. However, throughout the six-day family stay, she had an incredible experience. Her French host sister was super sweet. They were extremely well matched and when they parted, she gave my daughter a journal with all kinds of information about what they had done during the visit. She had photos of the two of them, brochures from visits, and things written in both English and French about their time together as well as notes from all family members. She also included a CD of pictures and videos. My daughter said she had several “favorite” experiences and the home stay was definitely at the top of the list. 

French Flower

Due to my apprehension going in, I wanted to write a note about the trip as I’m sure there are other parents who may have apprehensions too.  This was such a wonderful opportunity and experience for my daughter. I’m so thankful I didn’t change my mind about letting her go.  Great trip!!! Thank you!


VIE has organizes family stays throughout France for school groups of all sizes. Students consistently tell us that learning about French family life and making a French friend their own age is the most valuable part of the trip!

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