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Vistas in Education is offering the following Host programs for the summer of 2017. To apply to host, please complete the Host Family Application and email it to along with a family photo.  We will put you in touch with the local coordinator for that program.  Merci beaucoup!

  • Alaska: Fairbanks — July 5 – 26
  • Arizona: Phoenix — July 6 – 27
  • California: Fresno — July 1 – 22
  • California: Ontario — July 18 – August 8
  • California: Sacramento — July 9 – 30
  • Colorado: Denver — June 27 – July 18
  • Illinois: Chicago — July 10 – 31
  • Florida: Orlando — July 9 – 31
  • Maine: Portland — July 10 – 30
  • Massachusetts: Boston — June 22 – July 13
  • New Jersey: Roxbury Township — August 3 – 23
  • North Dakota: Bismarck — June 21 – July 12
  • Ohio: Columbus — June 29 – July 20
  • Oregon: Portland — July 11 – August 1
  • Washington: Seattle — August 4 – 24
  • Wisconsin: Madison — July 8 – 29


The French teenagers who come to the U.S. during the summer are between 12 and 18 years old. They have all studied English, though their language skills will vary. Some of our students may have visited other parts of the U.S., but for many this will be their first trip to this country.

Students are selected to go abroad on the basis of maturity, adaptability and sensitivity to other cultures. They must also be in good health and are fully covered by our comprehensive insurance plan.


Host families provide room & board, as well as transportation to/from the airport. Families also contribute greatly to the success of the student’s stay in the U.S.

In order to make this cultural experience enriching for both the French students and the host families, we ask that families:

  • treat the French student as a member of your family and not simply as a guest;
  • introduce your student to your community and friends;
  • integrate your student into your family’s daily life, from routine outings—shopping, visiting relatives and local sightseeing— to any special activities you might plan.


Each French student is placed in a home with a host brother or sister of approximately the same age and interests. References will be checked for each host family to assure the French parents that their son or daughter has been placed in a suitable home.

The VIE coordinator may also conduct meetings and telephone interviews with the famlies to make the best match possible. Additional factors such as pets, allergies, etc. will be considered in the matching decision.


Each host family will receive a Host Family Handbook and will have the opportunity to attend an orientation meeting before the French student arrives.

The French students will also be prepared before the trip with an orientation meeting in France and materials that cover common cultural differences.

French chaperon will accompany the students from France and will be available during the stay to help as needed.

Your VIE Coordinator will also be available at all times to help ensure a wonderful experience for all involved. From arrival to departure, VIE staff will answer any questions or assist with any problems that may arise during the program.


To apply to host, please complete the Host Family Application and email it to along with a family photo.


Merci beaucoup !

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