Registration & Payment

Follow this link to get started. From the information you complete on this informational form VIE will be able to send you customized materials for registering your group.

  • You will receive promotional materials, a price quotation, and a web link from VIE which will be unique to your group.
  • You will follow this link to complete your registration as the Organizing Teacher for the group.
  • Then you distribute the link to interested travelers who will be able to register and pay online.
  • Participants choosing to pay by credit card will be sent reminders approximately 5 days before their card will be automatically charged for the next scheduled payment.
  • Participants choosing to pay by check/money order will send payment directly to VIE by given deadlines, and it will be credited to their account by VIE. Please note fee of $50 for late payments and/or returned checks.
  • Organizing Teachers will be able to track all registrations and payments on their online group page.