Organize a Group

Organize a Group


VIE begins planning trips as early as the spring prior to the year you would like to travel. We will be happy to send you customized informational materials to get you started on your trip promotion. Click here to contact us.

Once you’ve decided to take a group to France, there are some important steps to follow:

  • Discuss with your administration what is needed to obtain approval for the trip. Please contact VIE if you need any support materials.
  • Promote the trip to your students! Here are some suggestions for building interest:
    • Make an announcement in all your classes.
    • Show our DVD, La VIE en France.
    • Submit an announcement to the school’s public address system.
    • Provide colleagues with information to publicize the trip in their classes.
  • Plan an informational meeting for both students and parents. Make sure that all students who express interest are given a letter to take home to their parents announcing the meeting at least 2 weeks in advance. Click here for a sample meeting agenda.
  • Give your students and parents a specific deadline by which to register.


Remember: Early Registration deadline is June 15!

Registration is open until October 15th.

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