Money & Budgeting Teachers

Money & Budgeting

We suggest bringing a combination of these three sources of money while in France:

  • CASH – We recommend that students bring 100 Euros (cash) to tide them over until they are able to use a cash machine to withdraw money or cash travelers cheques.

Foreign currency can be bought at most major banks in the United States. Banks can usually order euros if they do not have any on hand.

  • CREDIT – Credit and Debit cards can be very convenient, as long
    as students know in advance the PIN number and how to use the card at a
    cash machine. Only 4 digit PIN numbers will work in France. They should
    check with their bank to make sure the card can be used internationally
    and what service fees or currency conversion fees will apply.
  • TRAVELERS CHEQUES – Travelers cheques provide a great amount of security since they are replaceable in the event of loss. Travelers cheques are easiest to cash at post offices (La Poste) or in larger cities where there are more currency exchanges (bureaux de change).However, travelers cheques are not as convenient as they used to be. Most stores and restaurants will not accept travelers cheques. This is why we recommend that students also have an alternate source of money like a credit or debit card.
  • We strongly recommend that students do not rely solely on credit cards or ATM cards as their only source of money due to the possibility of problems with cash machines or lost cards.



For our programs, we recommend a minimum of $40 per day for expenses: lunches, beverages at dinner, snacks, dinners in Paris, carnet of Métro tickets, postage and optional activities.

Therefore we suggest:

  • 10-day programs – at least $400
  • 15-day programs – at least $600

The above amounts reflect the necessities. If students are planning to shop and/or bring souvenirs home, they will have to budget additional money.


Tips for the tour guide and bus driver are not included in the program price. The teacher will collect from students the appropriate amount for the group’s program (as given in the Student Handbook and the Teacher Travel Guide) to give to the driver & guide in France.