Important Questions for your Travel Company

You are planning on taking a group of teenagers thousands of miles from home to France.
You should know the answers to these questions from your student travel company.


 Here are Vistas In Education’s answers: VIE
1 Does the program price include airfare? Yes 
2 Does the program price include fuel surcharges and airport taxes? Yes
3 Will there be an extra registration fee, membership fee,
and/or student insurance fee?
4 Is my student’s visit a “home stay” or a Family Stay?

Family Stay™ host families must have a teenager in the family. Only one American student is placed in a French home to facilitate integration into the family and provide linguistic and cultural immersion. Family Stay™ hosts are not paid or reimbursed by VIE and are chosen for their desire to take part in this inter-cultural experience.

Year after year, students write rave reviews about their Family Stay experiences.

Family Stay 
5 Rate and describe your process for matching my students to their host families?

American students complete a Family Stay Application and write a “Chère Famille” letter in French.

Professional bi-lingual Family Stay Organizers network in the educational field to select host families. Host families complete an application form. The Family Stay Organizer conducts interviews with each host family to match students and host families. Host families chosen for the program attend an orientation meeting.



Will my student be the only traveling student
staying with the host family?

7 Are your tour guides certified by the French Ministry of Tourism? Yes
8 Will the traveling group be placed in youth hostels? No 
9 Do you have permanent bi-lingual staff
in France, 24/7, to support me on my trip?


Will we be met at the airport upon arrival? Yes

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