Benefits for Teachers

Benefits For Teachers Who Travel With VIE

We appreciate the considerable effort that you, as the Organizing Teacher, will make to ensure the success of the program.

In recognition of the hard work that you have already done and that you will undertake as you organize your program, we offer you the following benefits:

  • With VIE, you will enjoy personalized service throughout every stage of your trip to France.
  • Our offices in Paris and Minneapolis offer year-round contact and support.
  • Standard or custom itineraries are available for you to choose, with or without a Family Stay.
  • Your certified, bilingual French guide handles the daily details while touring the provinces outside Paris, giving you more freedom to enjoy France with your students.
  • Dinners are prearranged and included in the program price while touring the provinces outside Paris.
  • Your trip, including airfare and accommodations, is provided at no charge to you, as long as you have the minimum number of students required.
  • You will receive a Teacher’s Travel Grant to use as you wish based on the number of registrants in your traveling group.

Your willingness to travel with your students and to support them as they experience a Family Stay in France provides a unique educational opportunity.

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