Packing & Customs Information

Packing & Customs Information


Above all, remember to pack lightly! Students must be able to carry their own luggage, often up and down several flights of stairs in the hotels.

VIE baggage limits:

  • 1 suitcase (maximum size—L + H + W must not exceed 62”; maximum weight must not exceed 45 lbs.)
    • Additional bags and overweight bags will incur substantial fees by the airline at check-in.
  • 1 carry-on bag that will fit under the airplane seat (maximum size — L + H + W must not exceed 45”). Check with your airline to find out what is/is not permitted in your carry-on bag.

** Please note that VIE’s baggage limits are based on both airline restrictions and weight limits for bus travel within France. Therefore these limits must be followed above and beyond any limits set by individual airlines.

What NOT to bring to France:

  • Do not bring any electrical appliances. If you have to use an American electrical appliance while in France, you will need an adaptor and a converter (220V).
  • Do not bring short skirts or short shorts. The French are much more conservative in their clothing. Remember, you don’t want to stick out as the American tourist. Instead, you want to blend in to the French culture.
  • Do not bring any expensive jewelry or other expensive personal belongings.


Information on customs restrictions (what can and cannot be brought back into the US) can be found at the official U.S. Customs’ website:

Please note that anyone under the age of 21 may not bring back any alcohol into the U.S.

Up-to-date information about security measures at U.S. airports can be found at the official Transportation Security Administration’s website:

All VIE travelers must follow the TSA’s restrictions on what items are prohibited in checked luggage and/or carry-on luggage. Organizing Teachers will be given a list of permitted and prohibited items when they receive the group’s final flight information.