Standards of Conduct

Student Standards of Conduct

VIE expects students to conduct themselves properly and to show respect for others throughout the entire program. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to sending the student home at his or her parents’ expense. Here is the Student Standards of Conduct Contract:

  • I will show proper behavior at all times and remember that I am representing my school, my family, my community and my country.
  • I will show respect for local culture, language and customs that are different than my own. This includes acting and dressing appropriately, as well as communicating to the best of my ability in French with my host family and other French people with whom I interact.
  • I will not go out alone. I will always be with at least two other participants and will let my Organizing Teacher know where I am going, with whom and when I will return. I will carry the name, address, and phone number of my hotel or French host family with me at all times.
  • I will refrain from smoking, drinking, and using drugs, and I will not accept or transport any of these items. The only exception to drinking could be wine served at meals with my host family or during meals supervised by teachers. The Alcohol Beverage Permission must be signed by my parents if my teacher/chaperons grant this option.
  • I will respect my Organizing Teacher, other school leaders, the guide and bus driver, and I will honor all rules that they set for me and the group. This includes hotel curfews, behavior guidelines on the bus, rules during all visits and at the hotel. I will also show respect for students from other schools with whom I travel.
  • I will refrain from inappropriate conduct and will not engage in any romantic or sexual involvement of any kind.
  • I will not operate any motor vehicle.
  • I will contact my Organizing Teacher or the VIE Paris office immediately if I am uncomfortable with my host family placement or if there is any emergency during my Family Stay.