Student Stories

“I learned that it’s good to get away from my family and my hometown a while because it opened me up to new experiences and made me more independent.” Reyna R., California
“When I was going on this trip I was scared but my French progressed even in a week and when I left, I didn’t want to leave. Thank you !” Zac C. , Oklahoma
“I learned that a smile or laugh transcends language differences.” Caitlin, Minnesota
“VIE gave me the opportunity to see and experience the cultural details of France that you cannot comprehend in a class room. It was simply the trip of a lifetime.” Elijah, Vermont
“On this trip I learned how much taking a risk can pay off. My French improved greatly, especially my listening comprehension and I met such great people. My family stay exceeded all my expectations.” Emma, Maryland
“The family stay was AMAZING! It’s a great way to get really involved in the culture and meet new people. The family was very kind and welcoming.” Meryl, Connecticut
“My French family was my favorite part about the entire trip. They were amazing!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better one.” Fenicia P., California
I learned true respect for everyone and never to judge right away. I also learned – most of all – to step out of my comfort zone. It was a wonderful experience.” Mata, Michigan
The family stay was my favorite part! Luana and I made a friendship that could last forever.” Caitlyn, Iowa
This trip helped me feel as if I was a true French citizen by immersing me into my host family’s daily life and culture. I will never forget this experience and the lessons I learned for as long as I live.” Zechariah., California
Incredible experience, incredible family – I’ll remember the week with my French family forever!”Caroline A., Minnesota
I learned a lot about myself. France was AMAZING. There is still so much more to learn; I’m definitely coming back to France.” Chelsea, Ohio
I got a new perspective on how much there is outside my hometown. This trip challenged a lot of the stereotypes I’d had about the French before going.” Alexander, Massachusetts
" My mind and my views of the world have expanded immensely. Not only did I learn about history and culture by living in and seeing first-hand an incredibly complex country, I developed a new appreciation for meeting new people and trying new things.” Bailey, Minnesota
" My French family was very warm, and they really opened their home to me. I felt wanted and accepted right away. It was wonderful.” Lauren, Wisconsin
" We broke the language barrier with humor.” Erin, Nebraska

Teacher Stories

" The families were hand chosen and seemed to be truly interested in helping the students, and above all making them feel welcome.” French teacher, Illinois
" The students seemed to have universally excellent experiences regarding the family stay.” French teacher, Oregon
" The [local] Family Stay Organizer was very conscientious and it made the experience all the more enjoyable for our students, who overall, were absolutely thrilled with their family stays.” French teacher, California
" The Family Stay was fantastic. Here is where the previous tour companies I have used in the past fall way short. The students learned so much and had such a wonderful time. There were tears at the train station when they left. I know they made life-long friends.” French teacher, Missouri
" We loved the guide who accompanied us on the tour. His wit, knowledge and great timing gave the kids such a wonderful view of France.” French teacher, Ohio
" “This being my first trip to France with students, I found VIE to be very helpful and attentive. I was much less nervous than I thought I would be and felt that everything was covered well. I felt very prepared.” French teacher, Wisconsin