A First-Time Traveler’s Guide to the 2017 Eurail Map

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Are you embarking on a trip to France for the first time? If so, you need to plan out how you’re going to get from city to city while you’re there. To explore more of the French regions, a Eurail pass is a great option to see the beautiful architecture, breath-taking countryside and historic sites of France.

If you’re a first-timer, here’s your guide to the 2017 Eurail Map.

The Best Way to get Around

Trains are the most convenient and enjoyable way to travel in France. You can tour the majority of the marvelous cities in every region, as you relax in comfort. In some cases, traveling on the Eurail may be the most memorable part of your trip. With a 2017 Eurail pass, you’re given unparalleled freedom and flexibility to travel where you want, when you want.

Eurail Passes Give You the Chance to Explore France

Here’s some background information on Eurail so you can prepare for your upcoming trip.

  • Eurail is not a company and they don’t have special trains. It is just a brand name for a rail pass available to out-of-country tourists from 26 partnering European national train operators. See a map of countries offering Eurail passes.
  • A Eurail pass gives you the flexibility for unlimited travel for various periods of time on the national rail networks of all 26 countries. Unlimited travel means unlimited – you can ride one train or 20 on any given day, going 4 miles or 400 miles, it’s your choice.
  • With a Eurail pass, you can board high-speed, intercity, overnight, local, regional or suburban trains that are scheduled by the national train operator.

Who qualifies for a Eurail pass?

  • You cannot buy a Eurail pass when you arrive in Europe, you must pre-purchase them before you leave.
  • Eurail passes are only available to people living outside of Europe.
  • Residents of Europe qualify for the InterRail pass, which is usually more affordable and covers the same train lines as Eurail. An American and French traveler can easily travel with one another, one using a Eurail pass, the other an InterRail pass.

Best Eurail Itineraries for France

The most popular itinerary for the French Eurail map is the quick 12-minute trip from Paris to Versailles. With the high-speed train, it’s remarkable that travelers can hop onboard in central  Paris and be touring the Palace of Versailles in a half-hour.

For those looking for a trip that’s more substantial, another popular itinerary is from Paris to Mont St. Michel with a stop in Rennes. Mont St. Michel is one of the major tourist attractions in France, where a famous monastery sits atop a bluff that overlooks the Normandy coast.

After you’ve seen the famous town of Mont St. Michel, take a six-hour train ride to the port city of Bordeaux, otherwise known as the wine capital of France. Here, you can tour the historic region where wine has been produced since Roman times. This is a perfect place to travel by bike and view all of the famous sites, such as the Bordeaux Cathedral and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, where you can browse an enormous collection of famous European art.

From Bordeaux, you can hit most of the hot-spots like Carcassonne where you can visit a medieval citadel, Nice where you can relax on picturesque beaches and Lyon where you can get a bite to eat at the culinary capital before you arrive back in Paris. With a Eurail pass, you can see it all in just a short period of time.

Best of Luck Traveling the Trains in Europe!

Now that you know more about traveling Eurail, plan out an itinerary and buy your tickets today! Remember, you won’t be able to purchase these affordable and flexible passes when you get there. If you’re ready to see everything France has to offer, hop aboard a Eurail and take in the beautiful landscape, architecture, history and more.

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